5 apps that help you to gain weight

More and more people complain that they can’t gain weight these days. So I am making this list to help them!

  1. Where’s my car?App will never let you walk to the closest shop or to work. Because you should’t. If you want to be fat, always use your car!
  2. Fill my fridgeApp is somehow misleading. Its purpose is not to fill your fridge when it gets empty but to add some food to an already full one. If you want to get more kilos you got to eat something (more)!
  3. Sell my bikeApp is something similar to the first app presented. But instead of finding something you have it helps you get rid of it. Don’t you ever ride a bike if you want to get fat!
  4. Don’t count my stepsApp, because there are some apps that do this. If you want to gain weight you don’t have to know how many steps you do because you aren’t allowed to walk (see first app)!
  5. The best food on TV-App. If you want fat, you got to eat and if you want to eat you have to know what food is the best and has the most calories. And what is better than eating while watching food on television?!

I hope I didn’t forget anything and you will find this list very useful. You’re welcome!


5 ways of using your old smartphone


Technology is evolving each and every day and some of us realise that the smartphone bought a year or two ago are now already old. Of course, you can always buy a new one and sell your obsolete device. But what if I can tell you can put the old phone to use in other ways? Let’s see how!

  1. There’s no human being in this world that could keep calm (and do whatever) and never lose its temper in any circumstances. That’s why it is always good to carry with you your old phone: you get the chance to throw it at the person that makes you angry.
  2. At the summer many people like to sit in their home with all the windows opened and feel the breeze. But if you have some papers on the table, they might be blown away by the wind. In this case your old phone comes in handy to hold them down as a paper weight.
  3. If you are a exception from the first situation and desperately want to get angry then you should continue using your old phone and not buy a new one. You will be pissed of by the more and more sluggish interface and the sudden restarts.
  4. You can experiment with it. See if it floats! Find out what tools are more efficient in beaking its screen! See how fast it is breaking down when left outside in the rain!
  5. You can install custom ROMs (article in Romanian language) or OS and improve its usability (for a day or two, not more than a few weeks ūüėÄ ). I must admit, this is my favourite use of old tech, but I wouldn’t keep myself from doing the others too! ūüėÄ

So, if you have an old phone and you don’t use it, but don’t want to try what I wrote above either, I politely ask you to give it to me and it will be saved from a premature death or from being forgotten in a drawer! I kindly thank you!

5 signs that show you are poorer than you think

This idea just crossed my mind less than a minute ago. I thought of people that ar unaware of their financial state, to which they have to pay (sorry) more attention. So, let’s see these things, so we know when we are poor!

  1. The wallet is empty! A study revealed that people with empty wallets are much poorer than those with full ones.
  2. Walking gets you from location A to location B! People who walk instead of drivind (due to lack of car) are thought to be much poorer than the other.
  3. Watching a candle burning! The study also says that people with no electricity tend to be somehow poorer than those who have it.
  4. Water from the river (if you have one in your vicinity)! Families that gets their water directly from source, instead paying the state for its delivery are supposedly poorer, or just stingy.
  5. If you read this and don’t share, you are poorer than the others! Average wealth people share! The richest people donate (see on the right)!

The planet behind Pluto


Some time ago I told you about some discoveries NASA made¬†on the planet Pluto. But since Pluto is no longer a planet, but just a dwarf, scientists had to look for another ninth planet. They seem to some-how find it; but why only now? Let’s see some of the possible motives!

  1. The new ninth planet is shy. She hid behind Pluto until now.
  2. Pluto is on a diet. She lost so much weight that now you can see beyond it.
  3. The new planet was brunette, maybe for camouflage, maybe just an ephemeral fashion among planets. Now it changed its hair color and became visible.
  4. It just came back from a vacation in another galaxy.
  5. She had a fight with the Sun some centuries ago and been exiled a little bit further.
  6. Pluto had a fight with this planet and punched it so hard that it got too far away.
  7. It just moved in after its landlord set a higher price for the spot it occupied.
  8. It’s visiting somebody/something. We still don’t know who/what.
  9. It a Russian surveillance¬†satellite, but Americans still don’t know.

That’s it, nine amazing facts about the new ninth planet from the Sun! Stay in touch to know many other things as we uncover them!

What happened in the first 15 years of Wikipedia


It is an anniversary day for Wikipedia, the first place you come when you want to find out historically facts about something or somebody online. But what situations it passed trough in those 15 years of being on the internet? Let’s find out!

Year 1: Wikipedia made the genealogical tree of an ant.

Year 2: It wrote about the origins of legs and how they are used around the world.

Year 3: Wikipedia wrote about the first joystick, which was simply a stick from a small tree that people enjoyed looking at.

Year 4: From this year you can read about how Fred Flinstone’s car¬†was born and what technical issues to expect from it.

Year 5: It documents the first crane people owned. The bird.

Year 6: Humans were given a VHS cassette by the aliens, but there wasn’t any device to play it on.

Year 7: Wikipedia already moves out of its parents home.

Year 8: It plays with a penguin at the South Pole, and gets from it the design of the website.

Year 9: The website presents an in-depth coverage of the future “End of the Worldsubject.

Year 10: Wikipedia writes about its first then years. For the entire year.

Year 11: It writes about things Steve Jobs will launch on this planet after his death.

Year 12: It writes about the 2020 iPhone and about flying cars.

Year 13: Tired, Wikipedia takes a nap. For about 6 months.

Year 14: It doesn’t write about because it was yesterday.

Year 15: It tries to trace back its own genealogy with the 15 years older ant on its shoulder, helping.

If you want to know more about every day things, just stay around Wikipedia and this blog. I will keep you informed!

source: Wikipedia

Dynamo does it again with his healing powers!

Do you remember Dynamo? The magician that sliced himself the last year (he removed the photo) during repetitions for his spectacles. This time I have only good news for you!

He now works at something with the interior designer Kelly Hoppen and not only that he didn’t harm himself, but when the woman accused pain in the zone of the belly, he healed her with a single touch!

Dynamo, have you ever considered a medical career?


iOS 9.3 brings long-awaited functions to iPhones


Apple‘s mobile operating sistem, namely iOS, got to the 9.3 version. Despite the fact the company published just a preview for now, it is already well known what new functions this version will have. This iOS will add¬†features asked by users for a very long time. But what is new?

1.iOS 9.3 will serve users an Android pun every day.

2.The update will come in a light-weight version for those on a diet.

3.This OS will have less sugar.

4.Every day it will teach you how to hold the phone.

5.You will have AOL as a search engine.

6.Before each important meal it will ask for two minutes to talk about the all-mighty Apple Inc. and the creator, Steve Jobs.

7.The Romania-special version will come with fast-food pre-installed.

8.In every crowded place it will play the ringtone, so everybody knows you have an iPhone.

9.1.Every time you spell a word correctly it will apply an electric shock to you.

9.2.It will send a message to all Android users in your phone book, telling them your phone is better.

9.3.It will project a house hologram in case you lost yours in order to acquire this phone.

There are exactly 9.3 new improvements, as the version of the OS shows, for iPhone users who doesn’t know many things about this smartphone (pretty much all of them)!