Stupid thoughts about Charlie Hebdo

Hello, I am So Stupid! It’s time for me to think a little about all the fuss is made about the terrorist attack that happened a couple of days ago. People are stupid: before that terrorist act, Charlie Hebdo was known only by its readers, people close to their readers and by its haters. Now everybody knows them. The same people that now say they were reading that magazine (or whatever it is; oops, I almost wrote “it was”) for a long time, in the morning say how heroic their death was and in the evening they say how those people atracted trouble with their drawings. They are all Charlie now. Even they are not french and don’t even speak the language.
I am not Charlie! I don’t know very much french and I am not even British, nor American. I am Romanian and never read what Charlie Hebdo is writing or drawing. But if they are so good caricaturists and drew the terrorists coming, why couldn’t they draw the attackers leaving like they forgot why they came?


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