A few less known things about the terrorists from Charlie Hebdo

With all the media covering the subject of the terrorist attack in France, these things remained unsaid:

1. The two brothers who attacked the magazine’s headquarters were in fact searching for an old number of the newspaper. Because they did’t find it, they took those lives instead.

2. The attacker’s prophet needed some good artists but could wait no more time and he sent those guys to bring them quicker.

3. The terrorist went to the typography believing that they may find here that old number of the magazine. They didn’t, so they kept those people to help them rewrite it. The attackers also promised to pay the workers’ extra hours.

4. Terrorists are human. So they sent somebody to a shop to bring them food and water for the time they rewrote the old number of Charlie Hebdo. All the people in the shop were dying to help them.


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