A dollar from the internet

I started reading/writing on the internet about 6 years ago. I saw the bad parts and the good parts of it. The last ones were the most. All people seem happy online and make other people happy too, some of them even work online. But those things never happened to me. Bad luck seems to be my companion wherever I am, even though I don’t like this. Of course, I tried to get a job in order to get all the things I want. But most of the time, companies here does not employ young unexperienced; or when I found a job, it was one of more than 12 hours a day hard work, last of which got me ill. At least I managed to buy me a computer, because I didn’t have one. Now are still two big dreams that I have: get a driver’s licence and a car.

And here is probably one thing I never thought I will do. I will ask for your help. If you can and want, send me some things (tip: I like electronics 😀 )(contact me in a private message on http://facebook.com/trepastupidluck ), I want to see with my eyes how good is the internet and how many things I receive. Or, at least, donate a dollar to my paypal ( mortladatorie@gmail.com is my paypal address) and help me smile.

Thank you so much for reading and be blessed!


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