One year of blogging

In one year of blogging here, on Stupid Luck, I learned that stupidity comes in different shapes and colors. I also learned that living in Romania is an unlimited source of such stupidity. I tried hard to keep this blog updated but I couldn’t post more than a few articles per month. I will not discuss here what were the reasons. Still I am happy that people visited me and some of them shared their thoughts with me. I will try to do better in this new year, but, pay attention!, this is not a promise. And because this is an anniversary article, I will tell you some facts about this blog. It now comes to you to make them better in 2016.

-this blog started on 11th january, 2015
-it atracted just 515 views ’till now
-the most viewed articles were The new BBC and Dynamo sliced in half
-the most searched words were “is 5 million euros a lot of money”
-in total, there are 73 articles now on this blog, before the one I am writing in this very moment (better say, you are reading in this moment)

And because it is the first anniversary of this blog, my gift for it is this theme it now has. I hope you like it (even on Facebook, if you want), because I am not changing it very soon! 🙂

I hope you will come by from time to time to sit a little bit and tell stupid stories. Otherwise I will delete the blog. Maybe not! 🙂 I am So Stupid, not that stupid!

That’s it! Now you say something!


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