One year of blogging

In one year of blogging here, on Stupid Luck, I learned that stupidity comes in different shapes and colors. I also learned that living in Romania is an unlimited source of such stupidity. I tried hard to keep this blog updated but I couldn’t post more than a few articles per month. I will not discuss here what were the reasons. Still I am happy that people visited me and some of them shared their thoughts with me. I will try to do better in this new year, but, pay attention!, this is not a promise. And because this is an anniversary article, I will tell you some facts about this blog. It now comes to you to make them better in 2016.

-this blog started on 11th january, 2015
-it atracted just 515 views ’till now
-the most viewed articles were The new BBC and Dynamo sliced in half
-the most searched words were “is 5 million euros a lot of money”
-in total, there are 73 articles now on this blog, before the one I am writing in this very moment (better say, you are reading in this moment)

And because it is the first anniversary of this blog, my gift for it is this theme it now has. I hope you like it (even on Facebook, if you want), because I am not changing it very soon! 🙂

I hope you will come by from time to time to sit a little bit and tell stupid stories. Otherwise I will delete the blog. Maybe not! 🙂 I am So Stupid, not that stupid!

That’s it! Now you say something!


Netflix in Romania

It’s been 3 days since Netflix came available in 130 more countries and strange things already began to happen in one of them. Let’s see how Netflix fared in these 3 days in south-eastern Europe, specifically in Romania.

1.In the same day the service became available there, somebody stole the majority of the content, leaving only three soap operas, two tabloid shows and some commercials.

2.Later that day, another person stole the subtitles of all content and sold them on the black (internet) market.

3.Romanians sold their TVs in order to afford the Netflix plan.

4.Because there are so little people who use this service here, Netflix had to declare itself bankrupt and started to pirate movies, not affording to buy them.

5.A local celebrity thaught them what kind of shows get the most audience here, so they started re-broadcasting Pro Tv and Antena 1 (local Tv channels), thus bringing Netflix back on profit.

CES brings Facebook new features

Like every beginning of the year there is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where all the big technology companies gather to show off their brand new devices and functions. I’ve been watching the conferences closely and all but one caught my attention: Facebook‘s!

Mark was here to tell us something about the new groups functioning that will be implemented soon. In fact, some people already declare that they got it! Zuckergerb said that he personally observed how this groups gather more and more people and it is harder for them to follow their initial purpouse. That’s why Facebook will start blocking group’s users one by one, until there will remain just one person per group, as they were thought from the very start.

A few people complaint about the new feature, but the majority welcomed this change as normal. They even wondered when this will  be addressed and now can breathe peaceful that it is implemented.

Rumours tell us that there will be another couple of changes to this social network such as the hate button, the F***(word) you! button, the don’t kill me I’m innocent! button and a whole new function that will automatically insert typos and misused grammar into the posts. That is the proof there can be justice for us all!

For more news from CES visit Gadget4U (you will have to translate it from Romanian)!

How is Volkswagen going to fix polluting cars

The German car maker already announced how many cars are affected by it’s cheating software and what is necessary to do for them to be fixed. It also announced that it will buy some faulty VWs, Audis and Skodas back from their owners. Untill here is all to be applauded!

But, there’s always a but, look what happened when the first car came into a service for the cheating unit to be addressed:


What do you think now about Volkswagen? Will you ever again buy one of their cars, be it a Bugatti, a Seat, a Bentley, Lamborghini or Porsche?

Monumental blunder or enormous conspiracy?

Recently, NASA announced that it managed to get clear photos from the surface of planet Pluto. But they haven’t got a clue of what will they find studying the images in detail. It looks that they found an inhabitant on this far away planet. One that is very angry. Some of the photos depict the extraterrestrial in one of the moment when you got to be alone: they caught him urinating. He felt offended by this violation of his privacy and decided to sue NASA and planet Earth. Not satisfied just with this actions, the Plutonian also gave us the finger!


In response, president Obama said that he doesn’t really care and gave back the finger to the Plutonian.


The strange thing is that, when Vladimir Putin found out about the message from the outer space, he did the same gesture. For some of us, it seems that the most powerful men on Earth (Barack Obama and Putin) have a secret alliance and the finger is some form of salute or of giving signals!


5 things about the fight between Turkey and Russia

I know that already passed some time after Turkey blew up the Russian plane, but meanwhile I managed to find out some things that were not known for sure. I will write them here because truth must be told!

The Russian pilot was near Turkey when he hot hungry and wanted to stop for a kebab, unluckily he didn’t got to eat one.

The pilot misunderstood Putin’s desire to have Turkey for Christmas.

It was an accident. He wanted something to drink and Turkey only found a rocket to send the liquor to him.

A fat air traffic controller mistakenly pushed the button to deploy the bomb after they talked for a while about cookies. Now the Turkish employee is full of regrets and already lost 15 kilograms.

Turkey, being sorry for the things happened, promised to fly over Russia and drop their remaining bombs, in a hope that such things will never happen again.

turkey for Putin

The new BBC

One of the biggest British televisions, BBC, recently had a change in their vision. They said their news are boring and want to make them more pleasant for their increasing young audience. So, after firing Top Gear‘s presenter Jeremy Clarkson for being too serios, they will gradually replace the news with short cartoons. Rumor has it that BBC is negotiating with Tom and Jerry to present the news in the nearby future.

Once this change will be made, Cartoon Network will become the most serious television, now occupying the second place. Same rumour as above says that Cartoon Network will take advantage of their rival’s decisions and hire Clarkson (and his colleagues). The trio will make a new car tv-show called The Wacky Gear.